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Specialty Projects

I try to keep my free time busy with small projects - usually hand carpentry, but also puppets, masks, and anything else that catches my attention. Working with my hands has always been a means of relaxation and enjoyment for me.


Carpentry has always been my passion, and it is something that I strive to improve upon and work on as much as I can. I love working with wood and making beautiful pieces come to life onstage and off. Hand joinery is one of my favorite things to do, and I try to incorporate those ideas and skills into as much theater work as I can.

Farmhouse Table
Close Up of Acrylic Topped Lectern
Close up of Picnic Table
Cello Stand
Glass Mold
Flat Pack Coat Rack
Workbench (#2)
Purple Heart Box


I have always loved puppets and their ability to capture an audience and bring life to inanimate objects in a way that is difficult to do well.

Marionette and Rod Puppets
Giant and Horse Puppets
Guardian of the Forest
Magical Beatle
Rod/ body puppets
My First Marionette


I have always enjoyed mask work and getting to build them, and this is something that I would like to work more on in the future to further my skills.

Mask Collection
Five Bunnies
Bunny - 01
Bunny - 02
Bunny - 03
Clay Mask
Gingerbread Children
Fox Mask
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