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Theater Technician

I am a craftsperson who specializes in carpentry, puppetry, and special effects props. I am a third year student at Carnegie Mellon studying technical direction. I have been working in scene shops and prop shops for several years, and pride myself on my ability to work efficiently and with great care on every project I put my hands on.

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Here are some examples of the types of props that I have built for shows in the past few years. I enjoy building special effects props most of all. I also have experience building hand props and larger pieces such as the ping pong table and pendant lights.

Carving Trolley
Cricket Bats
Flaming Crepes Suzette
Smoking Hair
Fire Extinguisher
Bleeding Tomahawk
Antique Bellows Camera
Antique Bellows Camera
Close up of Footlight
Ping Pong Table
Bar Tap
Pendant Lights
Close up of Pendant Light
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Carpentry has always been my passion, and it is something that I strive to improve upon and work on as much as I can. I love working with wood and making beautiful pieces come to life onstage and off. Hand joinery is one of my favorite things to do, and I try to incorporate those ideas and skills into as much theater work as I can.

Picnic Table
Close up of Picnic Table
Farmhouse Table
Cello Stand
Glass Mold
Flat Pack Coat Rack
Workbench (#2)
Acrylic Topped Lectern
Close Up of Acrylic Topped Lectern
Purple Heart Box
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I have always enjoyed set dressing, and I would like to do more of it in the future.

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I have always loved puppets and their ability to capture an audience and bring life to inanimate objects in a way that is difficult to do well.

Giant and Horse Puppets
My First Marionette
Rod/ body puppets
Guardian of the Forest
Magical Beatle
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I have been trained in MIG and TIG welding and have been getting more and more experience welding at Carnegie Mellon.

Carving Trolley
Ping Pong Table
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I have always enjoyed mask work and getting to build them, and this is something that I would like to work more on in the future to further my skills.

Gingerbread Children
Fox Mask
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I have been taking Hot Glass as an elective for two years now. While glass itself is not very applicable to theater, working with this material and learning how to use a glass studio has been invaluable in improving my shop skills and my ability to work with my hands.

Clear Bowl with Blue Lip Wrap
Green/ Blue Bowl
Straight Stem Wine Glass
Pitcher with Roman Handle
Purple Planter
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